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Auditing for the international energy sector.

Auditing is key to sustaining confidence in your company, partners and suppliers. This is particularly so in the current business environment, where corporate and financial information is subject to continuous scrutiny.

Having successfully undertaken so many audit assignments for energy clients, we will approach yours with a deep understanding of your business and the supply chain in which you operate. Our aim is to provide a focussed, professional and personable service that keeps you as informed as possible.

Our services

Through our five service areas, we deliver robust, high quality, targeted, reports with integrity and objectivity.

Joint Venture Audits

Representing the non-operating partners, we lead or participate in the annual and biannual financial audits of high-spend joint ventures where the operating partner has the responsibility of managing and reporting on the venture’s gross expenditure.

Commercial Investigations

When a client suspects or has evidence that a third party or employee has deviated from the terms and/or conditions of a contractual arrangement, we undertake—with due diligence and sensitivity—to investigate, quantify and report on the facts of any damage done. This may lead to internal sanction, court proceedings, arbitration and/or commercial claim.

Contract Compliance Audits

We lead compliance audits into how selected contractors have interpreted and/or applied the terms and conditions of their contracts when billing the client for the goods and services provided.

Corporate Governance Management

We undertake medium to long-term assignments developing and managing for clients their corporate governance programmes and Internal Audit functions. In these circumstances we report directly to the main board Audit Committee.

Specialist Services

On top of our core services, we also undertake due diligence, forensic accounting and expert witness assignments.

Case Studies

Multinational investigation into
a group’s procurement division

A global client engaged us to investigate suspected commercial fraud and corrupt practices within their procurement and project management teams.

We established and led a large investigation team drawn from both our core business and our network of trusted associates across the world. Working in parallel across multiple countries and continents, we gathered information and evidence to determine the extent of the suspected fraud and corruption. After a thorough investigation involving constant liaison with the client’s security adviser and senior management team, we submitted a comprehensive report to the Head of Group Procurement.

Biannual audit of
complex joint venture

We work with many of our clients on recurring projects. One of these clients engages us to lead a large, multi-national and multi-partner team through the biannual audit of a complex transportation venture. The venture itself crosses national boundaries.

Over the years, our multidisciplinary team has identified significant cost misallocations and successfully challenged (and recovered) many Operator overcharges. The shared experiences and challenges of this work have strengthened both our expertise and our ability to lead transnational projects with our international associates.

Specialist auditors for the international energy sector

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